Dallas officials seek changes to bike-sharing operations in the city. (Credit: Amber Terry)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Do better or leave. That is the message from Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax regarding bike sharing companies operating within the city.

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Broadnax sent a letter to all five bike-sharing companies in Dallas on Friday.

He is demanding companies relocate all bicycles that are on sidewalks narrower than 10 feet. He is also asking for bikes to be removed from turf, landscaping or other unimproved surfaces.

Broadnax urged the companies to move the cycles that are blocking access location to public and private property or that are blocking sidewalk curb ramps. He also wants the bikes on trails to be moved to their respective trailheads.

“If he felt like he needed to put that out there, then there must be something that we need to evaluate and do better about,” said Anthony Fleo, with Lime Bike. “Ideally they’re not necessary. But from where we are right now, they want us to know that we need to do better.”

If the changes do not happen by February 9, Broadnax said the city will start removing the bikes.

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“We are partners with them and what they expect to see from us, we will absolutely do everything in our power to make that happen,” said Fleo.

In a statement from Spin Bikes, a spokesperson said the changes “… might still lack enforcement mechanisms. One method that has worked in other cities is implementing a cap on the number bikes per vendor.”

Dallas Director of Transportation Michael Rogers estimates there are 20,000 bike-share cycles floating around the city.

“As I look around here right now, I see bikes that are laying down. That’s not the image we want to have within our city,” said Rogers.

During a press conference on Friday, he said changes are coming.

“Because of how we’ve approached this, by letting the market kind of drive what’s happening. Obviously the market now is saying we need to do something about it,” said Rogers.

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Dallas City Council is expected to discuss future regulation either in February or March.