MESQUITE, Texas (CBS11) – Mansfield Police are looking to solve a murder dating back to 2005.

Recent DNA evidence and a forensic sketch made last August matched skeletal remains found in a creek in 2015 to Tammie Washington.

tammie With ID Confirmed, Mansfield Police Look To Crack Murder Mystery

Tammie Washington (Mansfield PD)

For more than a decade though she was thought to simply be missing.

Investigators are certain she was murdered but beyond that they don’t know much else.

Now her family is opening up about the mystery and dealing with not knowing what happened to Washington.

“You wake up confused every day,” said her son Brandon Washington.

Brandon said he waited this long to get officials word on his mother’s murder and worries he may never know fully why this happened to her and who did it.

“God knows, but maybe got around the wrong people and they did her no good… I just wish she was here at least for her grand children and get to meet them.”