By Shawn S. Lealos

A person is never too old, or too young, to develop a love of arts and crafts. When it comes to crafting classes, there are levels for everyone – from the true beginner to the person who wants to learn more and hone their specific craft. Whether wanting to learn basic art with paints and pencils or crafting things, from pottery and sculpting to bookbinding and more, there are classes for everyone at every level. In the Dallas and Fort Worth area, there are plenty of options for people wanting to take these sort of art classes. Here is a look at the best crafty classes in the DFW area.

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The Upstairs Gallery
1038 West Abram St.
Arlington, TX 76013
(817) 277-6961

Located in Arlington, The Upstairs Gallery offers great art classes for young and old alike, both for the novice wanting to start learning as well as the more experienced hoping to brush up on their skills. The school offers many different techniques in its classes, including watercolor, drawing, acrylic painting, oil painting and more. There are also classes for learning experimental art, making jewelry and specialty art for kids classes. For kids, there is a chance to learn painting, drawing as well as mixed media projects. Prices vary, with some classes running $20 a class and others as high as $60 a day.

Creative Arts Center Of Dallas
2600 Laughlin Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
(214) 320-1275

One of the best places to take craft classes in the DFW area is at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. The center offers over 500 different classes throughout the year for both adults and teenagers. These classes range from those for emerging artists, beginners and even classes for working artists wanting to improve in certain areas. There are also classes teaching fine arts, fine crafts and contemporary arts. It isn’t just arts, as there are also creative writing classes, bookmaking, sculpture classes, ceramics, jewelry making, glass making and much more. Members of the Creative Arts Center get a discount although there are regular-priced classes for others.

The Craft Guild
13331 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 490-0303

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The Craft Guild in Dallas has offered courses for adults for almost 70 years. These lessons are both for those wanting to learn how to craft to those experiences crafters who want to advance their skills. There are also lessons in things like bookbinding, painting, drawing, glassmaking, metalsmithing, and other more traditional forms of crafting. This is also a non-profit organization that is all about extending the experience of creating arts and crafts over making any sort of profit off students. The winter season runs from January through March and the spring 2018 session runs from March until May. There are also young artists classes for kids between the ages of eight and 18.

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Front Porch Pottery Studio
4717 Rover Oaks Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76114
(817) 602-5450

The Front Porch Pottery Studio is located in Fort Worth and offers a chance for experienced potters as well as those people who wish to learn the fine art of pottery. They also offer children under eight a chance to take part if a parent works with them on the project. They also offer birthday parties, chances for church and scout groups, and much more. The adult and children’s classes can be booked online. There are classes on making pottery, making boxes, a Fairy House Class, and much more. These classes start out as low as $5 for one class and the prices go up to $150 based on the type of learning.

Studio Art House
531 East Southlake Boulevard, Suite C
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 416-4278

The Studio Art House in Southlake also offers art classes for people of all ages. Students learn all type of art mediums, including watercolors, acrylic paints, pencil, charcoal, pastels, sculpting clay, pastels, and much more. The purpose is to teach students the various techniques and styles as well as learning about works of art from those experts throughout history. Classes start out for preschool-aged children from three to four years old and there are different levels, with children five to seven grouped together and those eight to 11 in classes together. Tween art, teen art, adult art, and even classes for those adults with special needs are available.

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