ITALY, Texas (CBS11) – There were accolades and critical questions on Thursday night surrounding Italy ISD’s response to a campus shooting that happened Monday.

Investigators say a 16-year-old male student shot a 15-year-old female student at Italy High School inside the school cafeteria.

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Parents and community members packed inside the very cafeteria that was a scene of terror on Monday for a school board meeting on Thursday night.

“For the people in the community who are new, your kids are in a safe place,” said Cheryl Owens, who lives in Italy.

Italy ISD meeting after school shooting (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

Several long-time residents expressed their support for the district’s response.

“Many kids are safe today because of your actions,” said Charles Hyles, who was a firefighter first on scene during the shooting. “Anyone saying differently and wasn’t here are ignorant to the facts.”

Other though questioned if Italy ISD did enough to prevent the shooting.

“What would make it where our children wouldn’t have to be afraid of the guy in the next seat going nuts on them? I mean it’s just not acceptable,” said Susan Harris, who lives in Italy.

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Harris, like other parents who have spoken out, says the district had received reporters about the accused shooter and his disturbing behavior.

“Clearly, something didn’t work because we obviously had a known problem here and we weren’t able to fix it on the back end,” said Harris.

Parent Garrett Caudle is worried it could happen again if changes are not made.

“I want to make sure my children are safe and will be safe going forward and I want to make sure any threat by any child that is ever brought to any administration is not just shrugged off,” said Caudle.

Superintendent Lee Joffre would not respond directly to the claims, saying most of the specifics surrounding the alleged shooter are under investigation and protected by law.

“What I would like to do is encourage all of you is to take any information to the proper channel. It will help you be a part of the solution,” said Joffre.

Italy ISD Superintendent Lee Joffre (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

Caudle did not buy the superintendent’s words. He said he wasn’t to see action and physical change.

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“There’s no telling how many kids are out there right now that have the same affliction, that has the same complaints against that they’re doing right now that are just being brushed under the rug,” said Caudle.