DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s a restaurant review gone viral. A woman says she was sexually harassed inside a Deep Ellum taco shop by employees.

She took to Facebook to write the allegations in a review, but she never expected the reply she got from the restaurant.

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The Colorado woman was visiting North Texas at the time. She says she was horrified at the treatment she claims she got inside Revolver Taco Lounge in Deep Ellum by waiters and the owner.

Ximena Meissgeier and her friend were eating dinner at the restaurant last Sunday when she claims she overheard rude remarks.

She says a group of three or four men were saying vulgar things, like cat calling them and making crude jokes, about her and her friend in Spanish. She also says she speaks Spanish.

“I don’t know how much Spanish she speaks. Our Spanish is very slang-like,” said owner Gino Rojas. “We have a couple of signs everywhere and on the main door, meaning it’s a big mouth.”

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Meissgeier wrote about the experience on the taco shop’s Facebook page. But, instead of the apology she hoped for, the owner replied, “just don’t come back!”

The owner also replied, “Senorita, we remember you! And believe me, you have no idea what we were talking about! No one even look at you. We were looking at your friend’s hat and how beautiful her funky hat was!”

“I did not expect it. I was in my car, and I was just looking at it for hours,” said Meissgeier. “They were literally saying, ‘you are not even pretty enough for us to make jokes about you or look at you.'”

Rojas says he apologizes if there was a misunderstanding. He has since removed the post.

“There’s going to be people who are going to hate me and people who are really going to like my tacos. To me, it’s all about the food. If someone personally attacks me, I’m going to respond,” said Rojas.

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Meissgeier says she appreciates the owner’s apology, and she hopes no other customers is treated the way she says she was.