By: Jimmy "The Saint" Christopher

The Opening of DSM’s Tony Award-winning Broadway revival of The Color Purple at the Music Hall at Fair Park was a few days after Martin Luther King Day.  King’s “We shall overcome” speech of the 60’s immediately came to mind after seeing the well-reconceived production.

 Review: DSMs The Color Purple

(Credit: Dallas Summer Musicals/The Color Purple)

Director John Doyle recreates his award-winning work with marvelous direction and simple but effective, and representative of the times, scenic design.  The Alice Walker American classic novel and Marsha Norman stage adaptation really comes to life and hits home.

Set in the American South, Adriana Hicks is stellar as Celie, who experiences hardship, pain and a mean, abusive, misogynistic husband to find love, joy and triumph.

Carrie Compere is outstanding as big, strong Sofia. Carla R. Stewart is solid and entertaining in her role as Shug Avery, the nightclub singer who enjoys men and teaches Celie how to stand up for herself and practice self-love.  Gavin Gregory was perfect as the ill-tempered husband Mister.

The soulful, gospel-tinged songs include the powerful “Hell No,” timely in this “Me Too” era.  “African Homeland” was fine story-telling and exotic. Touching, caring and loving pieces include “Too Beautiful for Words” and “What About Love?”  “Miss Celie’s Pants” was catchy with a pro-woman message. “Any Little Thing,” fun and sex driven. The title song was the ender.

The Color Purple transcends from a horrible, terrible beginning storyline to an uplifting, inspiring, and hopeful ending.

A tip of the Saint’s Halo to The Color Purple at the Dallas Music Hall at Fair Park through February 4, 2018.