WINTERSVILLE, OHIO (CBSDFW.COM) – The high number of flu deaths this winter have led some companies to take office sanitation to another level.

A southeastern Ohio company touts a new machine — the “Clorox 360” — to sanitize offices and classrooms.

The electrostatic sprayer eliminates spraying and wiping down surfaces. Instead, a mist solution penetrates 360 degrees around an infected area –killing viruses and bacteria that include influenza (flu) and MRSA (but does not kill all viruses and bacteria).

For a list of the bacteria and viruses the disinfectant cleaner has kill claims against, please visit this product page.

“What we’re offering is a way to be the first line of defense for school systems to help prevent this from furthering and becoming a health hazard to the community,” explained a representative of the company. “With this, we’re able to spray down each classroom, gymnasium and offices and eliminate viruses and bacteria in five minutes or less.”

With little down time, the cleaning machine means a school can be sprayed in the morning, with students arriving soon after.

Studies suggest students lose an average of 164-million school days due to illnesses.