NAVARRO (CBS11 NEWS) – A second former cheerleader is coming forward saying he too was sexually assaulted by a coach at Navarro College.

In a phone interview, another former cheerleader tells the I-Team he had just flown in for a camp in July 2015. He says Andre McGee, a voluntary coach at the college, picked him up from the airport.

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He tells the I-Team, “The assault happened that week.”

He says McGee gave him alcohol, and he was heavily intoxicated when the sexual assault took place. He told us he stayed quiet until he learned it had happened again.

He and the cheerleader from our first I-Team investigation say they went together to file a police report.

But he says in the months to come, “Other cheerleaders got very upset.” He says they threatened him saying, “Our titles will be stripped. …We’ll suffer the same fate as Penn State” after the Sandusky scandal.

He says that is why he decided not to cooperate with the prosecution.

Now he tells the I-Team after “seeing how strong these Olympic gymnasts are,” he is speaking out. “I’m strong enough to do this,” he said.

But at Navarro College, there’s a strong bond and very different story. Following our report, we’ve heard from more than a dozen former cheerleaders and alumni leaving comments on our Facebook page saying:

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“Andre McGee is a great guy.”

“This is absolute garbage.”

“All lies.”

“Navarro College would never allow this.”

“Complete retaliation.”

Michael J. Crawford, McGee’s attorney, says the former cheerleader in our first story is retaliating against McGee after being caught on campus with marijuana.

“This case was brought up in retribution against Mr. McGee…” explained Crawford.

Crawford says that former cheerleader thinks McGee turned him in. The cheerleader’s family says that has nothing to do with the sexual assault claims.

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McGee’s attorney sent us this statement regarding the allegations from the second former cheerleader:
“The second alleged victim recanted and has admitted voluntarily the family of the initial accuser paid him to lie and join the accusation against Andre McGee … the criminal case is necessary for the accuser to have success in civil court … money and revenge is the driving force for the accuser … not justice.”