By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – City leaders in Fort Worth voted Tuesday night to allocate $2.7 million for rehabbing a challenged neighborhood.

The Ash Crescent neighborhood in the Southeast part of the city has long been neglected and falling into disrepair according to both residents of the area and city leaders.

Ash Crescent neighborhood in Fort Worth (CBS11)

At a community meeting on Wednesday morning, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price spoke to residents who gathered at a local church to hear more about the plan.

“This neighborhood was chosen because 50 percent of the population lives below the poverty level, and the un employment level is more than twice the city average,” said Mayor Price.

The neighborhood is filled blighted streets and illegal dumping that can be seen throughout.

Longtime residents say a hand in helping them spruce up their streets has been long over do.

J.D. Thomas who live in Ash Crescent and runs a wrecking company said he is looking forward to the changes the nearly $3 million could pay for.

“I’ve been here since 1980 and watched the neighborhood decline,” said Thomas.

City officials say the first step is to use some of the money to specifically clean up garbage and debris and clear overgrown brush that has blighted the community for far too long.

After that they say they will hold community meetings to hear directly from residents on what they would like to see worked on and improved.

Fort Worth City Council Member Kelly Allen Gray represents the area and said, “What happens here will because the community drove it and not the city of Fort Worth.”

The money comes from a half-cent sales tax.