AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Employees of a disaster recovery accounting firm donated almost $30,000 to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s re-election campaign days after his agency signed a nearly $13.5 million contract with the company to help manage the state’s Hurricane Harvey response.

George P. Bush (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Bush’s office is overseeing the housing rebuild post-Harvey and agreed to the contract in October with Horne LLP. Three days later, 34 Horne officials collectively donated $27,500.

The story was first reported by the Texas Tribune.

Land office spokeswoman Brittany Eck says Horne won the bid after scoring highest among four finalist firms, according to metrics designed to measure experience, project cost and speed that the agency uses when choosing contractors.

Ash Wright, Bush’s campaign’s political director, called the donations “the biggest non-story in the history of non-stories.”

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