UPDATED: February 2, 2018  5:30 PMBy Brittany Jeffers

ROCKWALL (CBSDFW.COM) – The girls varsity soccer coach at Rockwall-Heath High School is on administrative leave after a photograph surfaced showing the coach and the team making obscene gestures. The picture has been circulating online and the Rockwall Independent School District was quick to take action.

In the photograph, the coach is joined by several varsity soccer team members who are giving the middle finger to the camera.

The school district learned about the picture on Monday and released a statement that said, “The actions of the students and coach in the photo are disturbing and do not reflect the culture or belief in excellence for Rockwall-Heath High School or the girls varsity soccer team.”

The coach has been placed on administrative leave. School officials added that appropriate action was taken in response to the students who were involved in this photograph.

Several people have responded on social media in defense of the coach. They claim that he was photobombing the picture, as he is known to frequently do, and had no idea what the girls were doing with their hands.

The school’s website says he’s been a coach and teacher for 16 years, ten of them at the upscale Heath High School. He’s also a sign language teacher.

“When I first saw the photo, my thought was…even past the picture, the kids are probably up in high school, but what on earth was the teacher thinking when he did that,” said parent Todd Christian.

Coach Duran hasn’t returned our numerous requests for comment. As for the students, the school says it’s taken action against them, but wouldn’t say what it is.