DALLAS (KRLD) – Dallas police have released surveillance video of a man they believe is targeting victims in Walgreens parking lots.

The man is seen walking in the parking lot of the Walgreens on Mockingbird Road at Matilda Street for around 27 minutes checking to see if cars were unlocked. When he found one, he climbed in the backseat and waited for the victim to show back up.

The suspect forced the woman to drive to several ATMs at gunpoint, threatening to shoot her in the leg if she didn’t. He then ordered her to pull over, and he got out and ran off with the money.

The second incident happened at a Walgreens on Ross Ave near Garrett St. in downtown Dallas. When the man got in his car, he was told at gunpoint to drive to ATMs and take out money. In that instance, the suspect took off in the victim’s car.

Deputy chief Tom Castro says that car has been recovered.

“The car was located in Wichita, Kansas. After a short pursuit, the driver crashed and was taken into custody. The car was recovered,” Castro says.

He says the driver was a 17-year-old Latin man. In both robberies, the suspect was described as a Latin male.

But Castro says they cannot say for certain if this is their suspect, or even if the crimes were committed by the same person.

Dallas detectives are on their way to Kansas to interview the suspect.