RICHARDSON, Texas (CBS11) – Crowds flooded into the First Baptist Church of Richardson to pay their respects to fallen Richardson officer David Sherrard.

Families could be seen walking hand-in-hand as they entered the church on Monday.

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Some were with their children, others were wearing blue.

They were all there for Sherrard.

“I almost was that guy two years ago and that’ll punch you in the gut. It hurts,” said Officer Matt Pearce of the Fort Worth Police Department.

Pearce nearly lost his life two years ago after being shot five times during the pursuit of a suspect on the run.

“For me, it’s extremely important to get out there, show my face, say hey… I remember what happened two years ago,” said Pearce. “I’m sure y’all were praying for me. Well now I’m here to support you.”

He knows who is hurting the most right now.

“The family. It’s the family. They’re victims in this whole thing and we want to protect everyone we can. We really do. But when you see the family hurt, we hurt,” said Pearce.

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David Sherrard (credit: Richardson Police Department)

Deborah Dahl does not even know the Sherrard family, but she too understands their grief.

“I just wanted to be here for her,” said Dahl.

She said the “blue family” was there for her when her husband, Irving Police Officer Mark Dahl died nearly two years ago.

Dahl, a motorcycle officer, was on his way to work when a crash ended his life.

“I wouldn’t be here without the support of the community, the police,” said Dahl.

A father himself, Officer Pearce said his heart is heavy for Sherrard’s two daughters who will now grow up without their dad.

“When one person goes down, it affects us all. It takes a piece of us with them,” said Pearce.

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Sherrard’s memorial service is scheduled for Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. inside the Watermark Church in Dallas.

Officer David Sherrard visitation (Jeff Paul – CBS11)