DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A man who was seen taking a homeowner’s ice cream during a burglary is suspected of other burglaries in Dallas.

Surveillance video on Friday showed the suspect raiding a woman’s freezer and taking her ice cream during a burglary. New video on Saturday shows another burglary he is accused of on the same day.

The new surveillance video shows the suspect arriving at a home on Kenwood Avenue in Dallas on a rental bike. Police say the suspect broke in and took several items and then rode away on the bike full of property.

The victim, Rema Thyagarajan, says she has no doubt the man on the bike in the surveillance was the suspect. “There’s no doubt that it had to be him. He dropped his bike, came out seven minutes later,” she said.

Thyagarajan wasn’t home at the time but she says she knew someone had broken in when she returned home. She says the suspect climbed through a doggy door that used to be on her door. She has since replaced the door.

Officers say the man is accused in another home burglary the same day on January 30. Less than half a mile away on Ellsworth Avenue, the victim’s video captured the suspect burglarizing her home and eating ice cream.

Ken Shaddock lives in the area and is spreading the word about the crimes on social media.

“I think there’s probably someone who knows this man. I think whoever that person is should come forward and should tell the police what they know. I think that this person needs some help… by coming forward, they can give him the help that he needs,” said Shaddock.

Police say the man is wanted for several other burglaries.

“I think the main concern right now is that someone like that is out there. And he could do the same thing to anyone,” said Thyagarajan.