By Yona Gavino

DALLAS (CBS11) – Dallas Police are investigating who put skimming devices at a busy gas station in Pleasant Grove.

A technician who was out at the gas station at Lake June Road and N. Masters Drive found half a dozen skimming devices.

He says it only takes about ten seconds to install. It’s a quick process to steal credit card information that’s homemade.

“That’s crazy! You hear about it happening all over the city – but in your neighborhood?” said customer Earnest Jackson.

Jackson couldn’t believe nearly half the pumps at the gas station were targeted.

“People are bold, and they don’t care what they do. They’re gonna do it anyway!” said Jackson.

Officers with the Dallas Police Department’s financial crimes unit took the devices. They’re hoping to find fingerprints and clues.

screen shot 2018 02 19 at 7 48 30 pm Skimming Devices Found On Pumps At Busy Gas Station In Pleasant Grove

skimming device investigation (CBS11)

The technician who was removing the devices told CBS11 he’s been to this Pleasant Grove gas station in the past for the same issue.

He taped up the pumps to keep water out, but he says he’ll be back soon to change the locks.

The customers CBS11 talked to say the pay inside the store and with cash.

“We word hard for what we’ve got. For someone to come in and wipe it out. It’s not good,” said customer Linda Borrego.

“My advice? If you don’t feel safe, go inside and pay cash. It may take a little longer, but it’s safer,” said Jackson.