DALLAS (CBS11) – It was a wild night for one Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy after he was forced to corral and capture a loose creature of the hooved-kind just outside of downtown Dallas.

Isaac Davies had just stepped out of a play in Fair Park when it happened.

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“Immediately heard this sound, just like the wildest screech,” said Davies. “Like a gauntlet of bats or something.”

He hit record on his camera phone and captured video and could only think the worst.

lose pig caught in downtown Dallas (Isaac Davies)

“My curiosity got the best of me. I had to know what makes that sound,” said Davies. “Turns out, it’s a pig on a rope.”

And there was a deputy trying to capture the animal.

“Just right here, he’s got the pig on the rope and he’s just like dealing with it,” said Davies.

The deputy managed to grab the female pig on the run before it was hit by a DART train or oncoming traffic.

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“You don’t see domestic pigs out in the city so it was random,” said Davies. “It was the most random thing you could imagine.”

It is standard for all deputies to carry rope, but it is not often they use it outside the rural, farming areas of the county.

“I think that they probably don’t get enough credit for those types of stories where they get called out to handle a loose pig,” said Davies.

Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies do not exactly know who owns the pig. Until someone steps forward and claims the animal, it’ll remain at the county’s livestock center.

Davies it thankful for the deputy’s actions and glad the sow gets to squeal another day.

“I would like to think it had a fun day escaping and doing its thing,” said Davies.

And there is probably a joke hidden in there somewhere too.

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“I think even the officer understood the irony of the situation,” quipped Davies.