By Ken Molestina

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas family is receiving some closure thanks to gift from a man from Washington state that ensures their loved one’s final resting place is a proper one.

Rebecca Grimes first shared their family’s story with CBS 11 in 2015. At the time she showed us how vandals had torched and destroyed her boyfriend Hector Escobar Jr’s grave.

She said her family vowed to clean it up and one day place a customized headstone on the grave.

Her story and wish was heard by Timothy Morris, a man known to many as Cemetery Tim.

Timothy Morris – “Cemetery Tim” (CBS11)

He’s a cemetery owner and makes headstones himself.

Every week he connects with families through social media who may be deserving of a head stone but can’t afford one.

That’s how Escobar’s family came to know Tim.

“From what I see. It’s a piece of closure for these families,” said Morris.

He said he heard about Escobar’s grave being vandalized and wanted to help.

Grimes said she was excited and overcome with emotion when Morris told her he was going to make and place a headstone for her late boyfriend and father of her 3 daughers.

“I was just crying and crying I was so happy I was so thankful,” said Grimes

The headstone was placed at Escobar’s grave Friday morning completing a promise the family had made several years ago.

Morris says in the last 10 months he has gifted 87 headstones to grieving families.