By Steve Pickett

ROCKWALL, Texas (CBS11) – Families in Rockwall pushed from their homes because of flooding, may not be able to see improvement for another week or so.

City of Rockwall officials said Friday, the floodwaters that seeped into 21 houses near Rockwall Lake won’t recede for 10 to 14 days. And more rain is expected.

Rockwall flooding (CBS11)

Thursday, overflow from the swollen lake started sleeping into houses in the Lake Estates subdivision.

Laura Hill and her four children live on Lakeside Drive. She evacuated Thursday, after seeing the water enter her garage. When she came back, the water had shifted the furniture in her living room.

“I wanted to see if it got in my house. It did. All the carpet is soaked. It moved furniture one end to the next. There is no more water for the moment in there, but it got in there,” she said.

The community was developed around the lake in the 1960’s. Residential flooding occurred, but the impact of a week of heavy rain brought the worst residential damage seen in decades.

Homeowners not affected by the high waters remain on alert.

Forecasts for more rain Saturday could bring more flooding to the neighborhood.