DALLAS (CBS11) – Hundreds of people remained evacuated from their homes on Wednesday and several roads were shut down in Northwest Dallas as Atmos Energy crews tried to figure out the source to recent gas leaks and problems.

Atmos expanded the “safety boundary,” where it now stretches north and south from Northwest Highway to Forest Lane to east and west from Midway Road to Webb Chapel.

Atmos Energy crews work on gas leaks (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

Work trucks and Atmos personnel could be seen working late into the night digging up roads and sidewalks.

“It makes me sick,” said Walker West, who lives with his wife and three children near Marsh Lane. “You actually notified me of being in the zone. I appreciate that.”

West can see the Atmos crews working from his doorstep.

“It makes me think, don’t blow anything up. It makes me think, I hope y’all know what you’re doing,” said West.

While Atmos said crews restored service to 80 homes on Wednesday, a 90-unit apartment complex and 182 homes remain evacuated.

“A lot of people are nervous and scared to go back in. I don’t blame them,” said West.

Further south along Espanola Drive, Dallas Fire-Rescue crews attempted to recover any items belonging to 12-year-old Linda Rogers.

She died after her family’s home exploded last Friday.

“They’re coping with their daughter’s death as best they can and this is wrong for this to be going on right now,” said John Barr, the family attorney.

The NTSB is looking into whether the fatal explosion was caused by a gas leak.

Barr is frustrated and feels federal investigators  and Atmos are not doing enough.

“Come over here and let’s go through this house and let’s find this child’s items. Let’s find the pictures from cheer camp. Let’s find all the items the family wants. Let’s find the crucifix,” said Barr. “Let’s find the items that they want. Come help us.”

Barr said the funeral for Rogers is planned for Thursday. Her burial is Friday.

Linda Rogers