By Josh Clark

INDIANAPOLIS (105.3 The Fan) – Is the clock running out on Dez Bryant’s time in Dallas?

When discussing Bryant’s future with the team Wednesday at the NFL Combine, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett had an opportunity to throw support behind his No. 1 receiver, but he wasn’t prepared to.

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“You know we haven’t had any specific personnel meetings about any of our players,” Garrett said during a news conference, via the Dallas Morning News. “We had a wrap up meeting at the end of the season, almost reviewing what happened last year and we’ll have some more meetings starting this week and then once we get back to Dallas about the specific roles for each of our players going forward.

“We have a tremendous amount of love for Dez Bryant as an organization. He’s made so many contributions to our team. I personally have a lot of love for him as a player and moreso as a person. The growth and development that he’s made over the course of his career with us has been exponential and has made a huge impact on our team.”

Garrett’s comments come just one day after Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones made eye-opening references when discussing former star players on the decline of their careers.

“Well, it’s difficult,” Jones said Tuesday, via the Dallas Morning News. “That’s the hard part about our business. That’s the way Jerry [Jones] is. The way I am. You do get attached to these men. They are all amazing people that lay it on the line for the Cowboys, our fans, and no one respects them more than we do.

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“When these times come whether it’s Troy, whether it’s Emmitt, whether it’s Michael, when that time finally gets there it’s a difficult decision. You’ve seen the press conferences when Troy retires or Michael retires, it’s a lot of emotion. And not to say Dez is at that point but all these decisions are very difficult, especially with great players who’ve done so much for our organization.”

Bryant recently appeared on the Ben and Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan to express his feelings on the rumors that he would have to take a pay cut to remain in Dallas.

“I haven’t heard a word on that. I’m just controlling the things I can control,” Bryant said. When asked for further clarification, he said, “I have yet to talk to my agent about anything.”

Later in the interview, when asked a more direct question about taking a pay cut, Bryant said, “That’s a discussion for me and my agent, the Jones family and the Dallas Cowboys.”

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