RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) – A deadly crash in Richardson late Saturday morning had investigators on the scene throughout the afternoon. The crash happened near Coit Road and Belt Line Road.

Police said the driver of a white car tried to get around heavy traffic on northbound Coit Road by cutting into the southbound lanes.

As he was cutting into the southbound lanes, the driver sideswiped a pickup, which sent his car spinning. That’s when another car t-boned him.

The driver of the white car, who has not been identified, was pronounced dead.

The sound of the crash caused one man to run out of a nearby restaurant.

“It was like a real loud boom. Like something blew up. Like it exploded… from the mess on the ground, you can see the car… way down to the light pole,” said Corey McGriff.

Lilian Njau was driving with her son when the accident happened behind her.

“When I turned on the left, there was this loud bang like an earthquake. My car shook. I was so scared I had to turn right here. I didn’t know what had happened,” said Njau.

The crash has left residents, like Chelsea Ngokwere, concerned. She’s seen drivers fly down the road but said she hasn’t witnessed anything this bad.

“I don’t know when another one may happen and crash in front of these houses,” said Ngokwere.

Police said no one else was seriously hurt in the crash.