PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – People in Plano have flocked to free training events to learn how to survive a mass shooting.

“When they shot those policemen downtown, that was the most horrible thing, down in Dallas,” said Plano resident Barbara Kuncel.

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From the shootings close to home to the ones you see on the news in other states, people who attended the training say the notion that “it could never happen to me,” is long gone.

“It seems like they are coming faster and more furious,” said David Moffett, who works in Plano. “We work up the road in a manufacturing plant but nobody is immune, and we want to be prepared.”

The people of Plano packed an active shooter training at the Plano Event Center.

Tuesday night’s training was the third and final class in a series hosted by the Plano Police Department. All together, about 2,500 residents have turned out.

People heard why and how first responders do what they do during shootings.

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The instructor also dove into the psychology behind why some people survive and others don’t. Attendees also learned what you’re supposed to do if the worst case scenario strikes: run, hide, fight.

Ideally, when you realize a shooting is happening, run away to put distance between yourself and the shooter. If that isn’t an option, hide. That means creating a barrier between yourself and the shooter. Your final option is to fight.

At the training, the fire department also showed participants basic ways to stop bleeding from a gunshot wound.

“You can bleed to death in a short as two to three minutes from an arm or a leg wound,” said Plano Fire Captain Chris Patterson.

The Plano Police Department says it’s turning its attention to working directly with the very large companies that call Plano home.

They plan to conduct similar trainings at workplaces. It doesn’t have immediate plans to lead another training for members of the general public.

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The Plano Fire Department says it will continue to offer the class to teach basic skills to stop bleeding.