DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A driver smashes into a car, leaves the scene but it is what happened moments after that one Dallas man says is restoring his faith in humanity.

It was 3 a.m. and Ian Brooks already had a hectic night managing bar in Deep Ellum.

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“As I’m wheeling the trash out because our trash is out back, I see the dent and immediately I was like, I can’t believe… who would do this?” recalled Brooks.

It was his girlfriend’s car and there was not anyone around. But as Brooks hopped in the car, there was a glimmer of hope.

Someone left a note under the wipers.

“At least they did that and when I picked up the note and read it, sure enough it wasn’t the person who hit the car,” said Brooks.

The note was from a teenager who claimed to have seen the entire ordeal. With pen and paper, the witness detailed not only the license plate, but the make and model, the time the driver arrived and the parking stall number the driver was parked in that night.

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“Most kids this day and age, if they saw it, they would Snapchat it or something like that and think it was hilarious as they drove off,” said Brooks. “Instead this person cared.”

Even though the wreck happened in a parking lot, it’s still a crime. If the damages are more than $200, it’s considered a Class B Misdemeanor, which is equivalent to a first-time DWI.

“I feel indebted because no one else would do that,” said Brooks.

The witness wished to remain anonymous but left his phone number for Brooks to call.

“He said that’s what good people should do and if it happened to me, I would hope someone would do the same. I was like, someone raised someone real right,” said Brooks.

Brooks is reaching out to the police, his insurance company and hopes nearby security cameras captured the wreck.

He has learned a lot from what happened and hopes other can too.

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“If you see something, say something, or do something,” said Brooks. “Just be a good citizen, help your fellow man out.”