DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In Dallas, a police chase ends with a burglary suspect terrorizing tenants at a local strip mall.

“Police were everywhere!” exclaimed Promise Campbell, “with the helicopter and everything… this is just SO scary!”

Campbell says when she saw the suspect run past with armed officers on his heels, she hurriedly gathered her staff.

“I was afraid. I asked my team to go back in there and let’s lock the door and try to play safe…so we all lay down while they had their gun(s) in the air.”

A Dallas police spokesperson confirmed that officers were pursuing a burglary suspect that would also be charged with assaulting an officer at the scene.

But, it was a very animated, agitated pizza delivery driver at the chase’s end at 635 and Montfort that at least attempted to provide some additional details. It appeared to have been his vehicle that was stolen.

“When I got back to my job, my manager told me that the order I just dropped off to the guy that I just delivered to at the Motel 6 was a stolen credit card.” At this point, an officer at the scene directs him to stop talking. He went on to say that the suspect didn’t attack him but “he came after the officer.”

That’s when the officers at the scene threw him another look of, shall we say, ‘intense displeasure’ and gestured for him to stop talking. Officers then placed the pizza delivery driver in the back of a patrol car to ensure he wouldn’t be tempted to speak with the media gain.

Meanwhile, staffers at the Therapeutic Spa say they were stunned when the suspect ran through their door.

“I don’t know!” was Amy Wang’s response when I asked about what happened… gesturing that her heart was still racing, and that she was still scared.

Surveillance video from the establishment showed the suspect knocking over a fountain at the front entrance in an apparent attempt to slow down officers. It didn’t matter — what looked to be a dozen officers had him in handcuffs and were hauling him out the door within minutes.

No one at the shopping center was harmed. According to Dallas police, the assaulted officer was treated for a minor injury at the scene.

“Just all of the police officer, and the helicopter and everything, it was very, very frightening,” says Campbell, “I am still scared. I’ll be okay when I get home.”