DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – A media report regarding a sexual assault claim against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban from 2011 was dismissed on Thursday by Mavs coach Rick Carlisle as “very sad’’ and “fake news (in) the most insidious form.’’

Cuban has issued a denial about an incident in that occurred in Portland, as noted by alternative newspaper the Willamette Week,  that allegedly occurred in a bar with a woman claiming Cuban made improper contact with her while posing for photos.

Law-enforcement in Oregon determined that “the allegation of the complainant is unfounded,’’ and noted that Cuban passed a lie-detector test regarding the alleged incident.

“Very sad,” Carlisle said after practice. “I view that situation as a baseless and journalistically unethical rehashing of a proven non-event. That’s what that is.

“Have you ever heard the term fake news? This is the most insidious form.”

The Mavericks are dealing with an assortment of such accusations low-lighted by the Sports Illustrated expose two weeks ago with details of a “toxic’’ work environment of sexual harassment in the front office under former president and CEO Terdema Ussery.