By Aparna Zalani | CBS 11 Special Projects Producer

BEDFORD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Ken and Candy Gentry say they have noticed water in the hallway outside their mother’s room for more than eight weeks now.

“It kept getting worse and worse and worse,” said Ken.

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His mother, 91-year old, Wanda Gentry has been at this facility for more than two years.

She went in for rehab for a broken hip and then stayed back at Parkwood Healthcare’s Assisted Living facility in Bedford.

Wanda Gentry (CBS11)

“She loves it there, she’s got a lot of friends there,” said daughter-in-law Candy Gentry. The room costs about $3,600 per month.

In mid-January, they noticed wet puddled in the hallway outside Wanda’s room. When the water started creeping into Wanda’s room they called Consumer Justice.

Parkwood Healthcare’s Assisted Living facility in Bedford (CBS11)

They are worried that the wet carpet and flooring could lead to mold. “The air was starting to get a little foul,” Candy Gentry said. “We are concerned, is there going to be black mold?”

They believe that the leak started in the rooms across from Wanda’s room.

Upon a visit to the facility, Consumer Justice saw that the water had soaked the entire floor carpet in two rooms we saw. There were holes cut up in walls, exposing water pipes. There was also black and green substance near the refrigerator space and the closet space. The bathroom floor was flooded with water.

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“I would say it’s been two months that that room has been wet,” Ken told CBS11, speaking of the room across his mother’s room.

They believe the leak spilled into the hall and then inside Wanda’s room. “It is started going into the room, getting her clothes and floor wet,” he said.

We saw damp patches in her room, near the closet and bathroom.

“My mom said, well, they come by every couple hours and vacuum it up,” Ken Gentry said.

Ken and Candy reported the problem to Parkwood’s executive director.

“He (said) I have had three different plumbers out here with technical high-dollar equipment and they can’t find it,” he was told.

Parkwood’s corporate office told CBS11:

“The community experienced water intrusion that impacted three of the residences. We have been working collaboratively with the city, an engineer and several plumbing companies to identify the source of the issue. Our residents’ comfort and welfare are always a priority and we are working diligently to resolve the situation.”

For Gentry it is not fast enough. “Tear out the walls, replace everything, fix the carpet and get things right.” Ken said.

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The state has also received a complaint and they are investigating.