CRESSON (CBSDFW.COM) – Five days after an explosion rocked the Tri-Chem Industries plant in Cresson, there is still an active search for a worker no one has seen since the blast.

Hazmat crews in protective suits are sifting through the rubble, searching for any sign of the 27-year-old missing worker.

Dylan Mitchell’s family is still waiting for answers.

“I want to keep them informed so they know what’s going on, and what our progress is. If we slow down or if we speed up,” said Hood County Fire Marshal Ray Wilson.

Wilson says crews are deconstructing portions of the building as they search to make sure it doesn’t collapse on them.

“With the winds we’re having today, parts of the building that are still up could shift and cause us a problem. So we’re watching that also,” said Wilson.

Mitchell hasn’t been seen since the plant exploded last week. Two other employees were injured.

“We have a general area of where to look, where the individual was last seen inside the building,” said Wilson.

Officials believe he was working in the middle of the facility.

“If he was still able to be ambulatory and move around, then he could have run from that area he was last seen. There were multiple explosions in that room, or in that building… those explosions could have moved him from one area to another also,” said Wilson.

There are still some fire spots, but officials are letting them burn out on their own. There is still no firm cause of the explosion.