DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A massive fire in Northeast Dallas destroys a family’s home, but everyone who was inside is safe all thanks to a few nearby workers who ran into the burning building.

Witnesses say it only took about three minutes for the fire to destroy the home.

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“Yeah it was scary. I could feel the heat across the street all the way up the house,” said Weston Donley, who was working on a fence at a nearby home.

The family who lived here survived the blaze but have yet to find their dig. (photo credit: CBS 11 News)

Donley and his crew were working on a home across the street when they first smelled smoke and then saw the flames.

“They didn’t notice at first. We noticed because it was outside and they were inside and they didn’t see but we could smell it,” said Donley.

Inside, there was a mother, her kids and their grandmother.

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“It kept getting bigger and bigger and then we opened up the door and yelled at them, telling them there’s a fire,” said Jason Williamson, who was part of the team working on the fence.

One by one, the men got everyone out.

Close friends said the family lost pretty much all of their belongings and they still have not found their dog.

Those who saw how fast the fire grew said they are thankful the workers were there and willing to risk their lives for others.

“Thanks for your bravery. People don’t say thank you enough, often enough and they need to be thanked and let them know what they did was a big deal and it saved somebody,” said Heather Parker, a neighbor.

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Dallas Fire Rescue are investigating the cause of the fire.