DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More passengers are coming forward after CBS11’s exclusive video of a confrontation between them and a Greyhound bus driver who they claim was falling asleep at the wheel on a trip to Dallas.

It happened Thursday in New Mexico on a ride from Phoenix to Dallas.

Passengers complained after the bus started swerving and noticed the driver pinching her cheeks with tweezers to stay awake.

Passengers convinced the driver to pull over and the U.S. Border Patrol escorted the bus to a safe location nearby where the driver was replaced.

On Friday, one of the passengers seen on the video at the front of the bus said the driver received a citation for an incorrect log book and admitted to authorities she was driving tired.

“You’re putting your lives in someone’s hands,” said passenger Keisha Crosby. “Greyhound is saying we train these people we trust these people to get you to your destination and myself and a few other people have driven trucks on the road and we know how important it is to get the proper rest.”

bus Greyhound Passenger: Bus Driver Admitted She Was Driving Tired

mutiny on Greyhound bus (passenger video)

Passengers who were delayed getting into Dallas by seven hours say want a refund but have yet to receive one.

Greyhound tells CBS11 it takes driver fatigue seriously and that it’s conducting an internal investigation.

Here is the complete statement the bus company released on Thursday:

We are currently looking into these allegations, as we take the issue of driver fatigue very seriously. Because safety is the cornerstone of our business, we take necessary precautions to prevent drivers from falling asleep while driving and we make it easy for drivers to be reassigned if they do feel fatigued or don’t feel confident that they can operate the bus safely for any reason. Our drivers are in regular contact with our dispatch office, and if they state they are feeling tired or fatigued, they are immediately removed from the schedule for at least 12 hours to allow them to get some rest. Once they feel alert and able to return to work, they may do so.