PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Days ahead of a visit from famed consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, the City of Plano released new test numbers that it says show the water is safe.

The numbers show that the yearly averages of chemical byproducts from water maintenance is below the EPA’s safety threshold. But some residents are still concerned about the results from the 4th quarter of testing.

Five of the testing addresses show levels of THMs above the 80 micrograms per liter safety level.

“We instinctively, we do not trust the city water for consumption,” said Amid Eftekhari, who lives at one of the addresses that was tested. His family instead buys bottled drinking water. It is a relief to Eftekhari after hearing his address recently showed higher levels of a chemical byproduct commonly produced during water maintenance.

“Luckily, we don’t consume the water. But I am concerned that we have elevated levels of chlorine in the water,” said Eftekhari.

The City of Plano said much like being exposed to the occasional X-Ray, the elevated numbers for a short period pose no risk and were expected as part of its chlorine maintenance.

The city bases its safety measurement on the yearly averages, number it says show the water is safe.

“Well, it being compared to an X-Ray is a little bit alarming,” said Eftekhari.

Certified water treatment specialist A.J. Bagwell took a look at the recent results.

“Basically it’s what you’re comfortable taking into your body,” said Bagwell. “These things have always been there. Now that everyone knows about it, it brings awareness.”

Bagwell said his phone has not stopped ringing with residents concerned over their drinking water.

He has conducted dozens and dozens of tests since concerns were first raised in March.

“Everything looks pretty normal,” said Bagwell. “People now know this is going on.”

Bagwell said the numbers are not surprising to him, but he personally would not be comfortable drinking the water out of the tap.

“It’s hard to be comfortable now that you know it exists,” said Bagwell.

The North Texas Municipal Water District is set to brief Frisco City Council on Tuesday night.

Brockovich is expected to land in North Texas on Thursday.