FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – Frisco residents on Tuesday night will get to hear an update about the city’s water quality. Like other North Texas cities, Frisco leaders have heard from people with concerns about what is in the drinking water. Residents have even complained that the water smells like chlorine.

The North Texas Municipal Water District will explain how Frisco’s water is kept safe and clean. The water supplier made this same presentation to residents in Plano last month after similar complaints about the smell and taste of the drinking water in that city.

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Plano’s concerns reached the ears of famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich, who is planning to visit North Texas later this week to meet with citizens.

In an independent test of 12 sites, the City of Plano found that five locations had higher levels of disinfectant byproducts than the Environmental Protection Agency allows. However, safety measurements are based on yearly averages, and Plano officials explained that the water is safe according to those levels.

Meanwhile, in nearby Frisco, several residents stated that the scrutiny of the local water supply in Plano was enough cause for them to adjust their water-drinking habits. “I cook with it, but then I use bottled water for my kids’ stuff and drinking,” added Frisco resident Andrea Shanks. “I think it’s cleaner. I’ve always done that.”

“I know that chemicals is good to protect,” said Frisco resident Walter Wanderley, “but doesn’t taste good.”

“I smelled my water first, then I sipped it. I didn’t taste any chlorine and it didn’t smell very bad, so I felt like it was okay,” said Frisco resident Vicki Carry. “But I tested the water at work and it was pretty bad.”

Frisco conducts 60 to 100 chlorine residual tests each week to ensure that disinfectant levels meet the state requirements. The water in Frisco has never exceeded the maximum contaiminate level, or the potentially dangerous level, as set by the EPA, city officials said.

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The Frisco City Council will hear an update about the water quality at their 6:30 p.m. meeting on Tuesday night.







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