MIDLOTHIAN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Residents in Midlothian are receiving notices in the mail, attached to their municipal water bills, regarding their drinking water.

In November, the drinking water exceeded the maximum contaminate level for chlorite. The level was deemed a health concern, although not an immediate risk.

screen shot 2018 04 03 at 7 54 03 pm Why Are We Just Hearing About This? Midlothian Families Now Concerned About Water Quality

water quality concerns in Midlothian (CBS11)

“Why are just hearing about this?” Dana Hyde, a Midlothian mother asked Tuesday while watching her children play in a neighborhood park. The issued notice was ordered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

But Midlothian Water Treatment officials said they didn’t receive notice order until March.

“The water is safe. We take great pride in producing the safest and best water we can,” Water Treatment Director Tim Walker said Tuesday.

Walker confirmed an unacceptable contaminate reading of 1.07 milligrams per liter of chlorite was found in a November test of drinking water.

The maximum contaminate level for chlorite is 1.00 milligrams per liter. “We shut one plant down, moved water to waste lagoons, and flushed the system. I know the long time to notify would scare people, but it (chlorite) was gone within a week, and officially gone by the first of the month”, he said.

Some infants, young children and pregnant women face higher health risks drinking water containing chlorite higher than the MCL.

The levels have maintained compliance status since November, but residents weren’t notified until this week.

“I do have kids in the home, and they drink a lot of water, and it would’ve been nice to have the option to use bottled water during that time,” resident Julia Robins said.