By MaryAnn Martinez

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A stranger trying to open front doors in a Dallas neighborhood has been caught on camera three times in Uptown.

Cameras attached to doorbells caught a man jiggling doorknobs, like he’s trying to get inside.

The third and most recent sighting was Wednesday. People who live in the same townhome community started sharing the video to alert each other. In one video, the man can be seen trying to pry the recording device off the wall.

“[The] guy looks like a normal guy so it doesn’t seem like it would raise any alarms for anyone walking around,” said resident Kevin Terry.

The same man has been seen walking around.

“My husband, who doesn’t really get nervous about anything, text me and did that there was some suspicious guy in the neighborhood,” said Meg Yuan.

Once neighbors started seeing the stranger pop up on their home surveillance video, alarm bells started going off.

“It wasn’t until the next day that he actually saw him around 10 in the morning before he was leaving for work and he immediately text me, Turn the alarm on because the same guy is back,’” said Yuan.

Now that there’s video of him trying to open people’s doors, one neighbor turned her video over to Dallas police and filed a report. The townhome property management also sent a warning to residents, asking them to take extra precautions.

“I’ll take my dog on a walk and leave the door unlocked…Not anymore,” said Terry. “If the guy is just kind of walking around, trying to find one that’s open…I don’t know if my girlfriend is going to be home, if my roommate is going to be home. What he’s trying to do to them?”

No one has been hurt or reported that he’s made it inside their house.

MaryAnn Martinez