NEW YORK (CNN Money) – Walmart employees could soon be getting a little more wiggle room in their work attire. The discount giant is testing a new dress code that would allow workers to wear any solid-colored shirt, and adds blue to the mix of approved pants colors.

That would make blue jeans work-appropriate attire, a spokesperson said.

“We are always testing new ideas and concepts in a small number of our stores,” spokesperson Justin Rushing explained in an email statement. “Some of these tests are expanded while others are retired. We won’t know next steps on this test until we’ve had a chance to learn what works and what could work better.”

Bloomberg reported that about two dozen Walmart locations would be testing the new clothing policy.

Walmart employees who work at stores that are not included in the pilot will have to continue to abide by the old dress code, which bans blue jeans and stipulates either khaki or black pants with a solid white or blue top. However, one new dress rule has gone into effect nationwide. New hires cannot have visible face tattoos, according to CBS News.

With 4,900 stores in the United States, Walmart is the country’s largest employer. About 1.5 million people are employed by the grocery and home goods giant.

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