DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Talk about a bad case of the Mondays.

A woman driving on the M Streets in Dallas took a turn for the worst when she ran over wet cement.

Tiffaney Dale Hunter posted a photo of her luxury car with tires partially submerged at the corner of Matilda and Monticello to Facebook and commented on how it happened.

She said apart from a few cones, there wasn’t a barrier or anything to prevent Hunter from driving onto the cement.

“Imagine driving one moment and the next you are not going anywhere and sinking in quicksand!”

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Talk about a bad case of the Mondays. (photo courtesy: Facebook)

It took more than 10 city workers Hunter flagged down to help get her car out of the cement. She said there was a sign showing a contract for City Public Works and Johnson Contractors further down the street from the cement.

benz m streets Woman Takes Turn For The Worst, Drives Into Wet Cement

City workers helped a woman get her luxury car out of wet cement in Dallas. (photo credit: Tiffaney Dale)

Hunter spoke to the City, who told her to file a claim, but hasn’t been able to reach the contractor.

She spent the rest of her day power washing and scraping the cement before it dried.

Hunter said she’s thankful for a woman walking her dog who stood by her side as city workers helped her and all the people who gave her quarters at the car wash.

“In all of this I’m grateful for the many strangers who were kind and compassionate and helped without a second thought,” she said.