DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas was set to hold another Dangerous Dog Task Force meeting on Tuesday afternoon. The move was set to come after four dogs — two pit bull terrier mixes, one Queensland Heeler mix and one Boxer mix — attacked a woman as she walked in her neighborhood.

But the meeting was canceled less than three hours before it was to begin.

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While there have been two dog attacks in the same Dallas neighborhood in the last two years, Dallas Animal Services pointed out that, since 2016, the department has increased loose dog pickups by 207 percent and added 13 animal control officers.

Despite the changes, dog bites by owned animals continues to be an issue.

The attack nine days ago happened less than two miles from where Antoinette Brown was killed in an attack during summer 2016. Brown was attacked by a pack of loose dogs. Family members said that the woman was bitten more than 100 times. The 52-year-old woman died from her injuries after lingering in critical condition.

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The most recent attack in the Fair Park area left a 37-year-old victim with severe injuries — including bites to her neck and throat.

Residents said that the animals had terrorized the neighborhood for some time. Neighbor Donald Glover said, “You can’t go out to your car at night to get you something out your car. They’re over there barking and growling and fighting. They seem like they’re very vicious dogs.”

The owner received more than a dozen citations that included violations for loose dogs, no rabies vaccines, no microchips and not having the animals spayed or neutered. All four of the dogs that attacked the woman on April 15 were euthanized, and police are considering filing criminal charges against the owner.

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The task force was to discuss ways to strengthen laws and punishments for owners whose loose dogs bite people. The public was encouraged to attend. Now, the next task force meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on May 1 at Dallas City Hall.