'You know what, these don't look like your standard house cat'

SAN ANTONIO, TX (CBSDFW.COM) – “Wildlife really should remain in the wild.” That’s the advice from City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) after they say several people were bitten by bobcat kittens – whom the victims say – looked like house cats.

“These bobcat kittens are now orphaned and under quarantine with our partners at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation because someone thought they looked like house cats,” said ACS officials in a Facebook post.

ACS told KENS-TV that a family found the animals in an alley and decided to take them home.

Three people were injured when the family tried to feed the kittens milk and they were bitten on the hand. “Not bad bites, but bites nonetheless. They’re seeking medical attention right now,” ACS spokesperson Lisa Norwood told the TV station.

Norwood said the family noticed the kittens were bobcats after searching online.

“I think they started doing a little bit more research and educating themselves and thinking: ‘You know what, these don’t look like your standard house cat. Maybe we should call somebody.’ Thankfully, they did,” said Norwood.

ACS said the kittens most likely came from an underdeveloped part of town where wildlife exists.

None of the kittens were injured and they are currently quarantined. They are in the care of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. Officials there say the felines will be monitored then released to a ‘protected site’ once they are certain it is safe to do so.