McKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – McKinney Police are letting body cam video speak for itself in defense of an arrest involving a city council member.

Some say the video contradicts La’Shadion Shemwell’s claims he was targeted during a traffic stop because he is also a local black activist.

La’Shadion Shemwell (CBS11)

Shemwell said when he was pulled over for speeding on Highway 5 that officers should not have arrested him.

But after looking at video, some former officers say the council member was the only one out of line.

“You better get Chief Conley on the phone right now let him know what you’re in, you’re in really big trouble my friend,” Shemwell said to the officer during the traffic stop.

Shemwell said later he didn’t seek special treatment.

But Shemwell drops the McKinney Police chief’s name at least four times before patrol officers place him under arrest for refusing to sign a speeding citation issued during a Tuesday evening traffic stop.

“I was just shaking my head watching the video shaking my head going this is a city council member in a city I used to be a police officer of many years ago the city shouldn’t have to be putting up with this,” said former McKinney Police officer Pete Schulte.

Schulte viewed the body cam video released by the police department Wednesday night.

Released after Shemwell held a news conference scolding officers for arresting him because he refused to sign the citations he was issued, claiming his run-ins with police as an activist were behind it.

“It’s the humiliation and the embarrassment and fuel to feed those who oppose me being on the council in the first place to have me be arrested and shackled in handcuffs like a criminal,” Shemwell said.

But officers can be heard on the video almost pleading with Shemwell to sign the citation

“I’m not signing that bro,” Shemwell told the officer.

Signing the citationis only a promise to pay it or fight it in court.

“As a police officer if I stop someone and they start saying ‘do you know who I am I’m gonna call your chief’ what that makes me do is that pretty much removed any discretion I might have I must follow the law,” said Schulte.

Schulte says the law is clear that refusing to sign a citation can lead to anyone, even a city leader going to jail.

The video shows officers were not only careful with their arrestee, they were even concerned about his comfort.

“Is his air and everything on in the back?” you could hear an officer say in the video.

Shemwell did not return our messages for comment on Thursday.

CBS11 also asked for a response from the McKinney mayor and others on the city council but have yet to receive a response.

On Thursday night, Shemwell took to Facebook Live to say he would not resign.