DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Dallas YMCA and dozens of nearby neighbors have had their windows shattered, shot out by a possible pellet gun.

“It’s just a sick feeling. You feel really violated. You feel angry,” says Diddy Fulbright, Executive Director of the Town North Family YMCA.

It started with 17 large windows, shot out of the YMCA building a month ago.

“We had the windows replaced, thinking it was perhaps a one time deal, although it was very significant,” says Fulbright. “The cost of these windows is about almost $500 each, so in the YMCA world, or I guess any world, that’s a lot of money.”

Five days after they were replaced, it happened again. Ten more window casualties last Wednesday and another 10 on Sunday, bringing the total to 37 at the YMCA alone.

“Now we’re looking at almost $18,000, and obviously we’re a non-profit, we’re a charity,” says Fulbright. “We can do a lot of good with $18,000.”

Dozens of nearby neighbors have also experienced the sinking feeling of finding a car or home window shot out recently.

“As we unlocked the car and tried to open the door, just heard this shattering noise, and the whole glass came down,” says Akash Verma.

At least 5 others on his street have been victims as well.

“Just disappointed that someone would disrespect someone else’s property like that,” says Bob Williams, who can see bullet marks in his car.

While neighbors say patrols in the area have increased, they want an arrest before it’s too late.

“It was scary, because you never know what kind of people are going around doing this,” says Verma. “If they’re shooting at windows, maybe if someone is inside they could get injured. It is scary that way.”

Fulbright says they now have a patrol car and a camera stationed in the YMCA parking lot and are also adding security cameras. She hopes those additions will act as a deterrent.