by Brooke Rogers | CBS11

IRVING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – He was nearly the victim of a robbery, yet he’s the one facing serious charges.

Irving Police say on Tuesday, 31-year-old Jarrell Chaney shot and killed two young men who were trying to rob him – as they were running away. Now he’s in the Irving Jail, charged with murder.

Jarrell Ivory Chaney

“I was like, it couldn’t be murder. Not here, not in this apartment. It was just really shocking,” says LaShandra Holt, a resident at the Irving apartment complex where it happened.

Especially, she says, because of the circumstances.

Police say three teens targeted Chaney for an armed robbery, believing he had marijuana. Before the robbery ever happened, there was a confrontation. Police say Chaney wrestled away a gun from a juvenile suspect and began shooting at the teens as they ran away Two of them, 18-year-old Ishmeal Smithson and 19-year-old Theophilos Greer, later died.

“You’re going to do whatever you can to save your life. I don’t think it’s that fair,” says Holt.

Attorney and former police officer, Pete Schulte says he’s not surprised by the murder charges based on the timeline.

“If a robbery had taken place, or attempted robbery, and the victim had a gun and shot them during the commission, that would be self-defense,” says Schulte.

He also says the only gun involved was out of the hands of the suspects.

“In this case, what we know is that the individuals who pulled the gun on the victim were disarmed and were running away, there’s no longer that threat. So the police have to look at the totality of all the circumstances and make a decision.”

Police say they are also considering how far away the men were from Chaney when they were shot – all to ask if his actions were reasonable. While, right now, they believe the answer is no, they say the investigation is still in its early stages. The final decision rests in the hands of the District Attorney.