FORESTDALE, Ala. (AP) — Alabama authorities are investigating a bank robbery where sex was the weapon of choice. reports the case of a woman who allegedly presented a bank manager with a choice: Either give her $6,000 and be rewarded with a sexual favor, or turn her down and face an assault accusation.

Twenty-four-year-old Rachel Camille Calhoun was charged Thursday with attempted extortion and theft.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Christian says deputies responded Wednesday morning to a report of a woman demanding money at a Regions Bank in Forestdale. Calhoun was taken into custody when they arrived.

Christian says the deputies “saved this employee from something. I’m not sure exactly what, but we saved him from something.”

The newspaper doesn’t say if Calhoun has a lawyer.

Calhoun remains in the Jefferson County jail with bond set at $10,000.