ARGYLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – An Argyle couple says they are through with AT&T after months of fighting over inaccurate charges. The wireless giant was the only option for cable and internet when Robert and Faith Johnson moved into their senior community in 2016.

When their cable box stopped working, the company sent them a new one and told them to mail the old one back in the same box. “We had to return it within so long or they would charge us $150,” said Faith Johnson. “We used the sticker they sent us to put on the box.”

Faith and Robert Johnson (CBS11)

Even so, the $150 charge was on their bill the following month. Faith said she called customer service and says she was told it was a mistake and the charge would be removed. The next bill the fee was still there — plus interest.

“I called every month and told them I had mailed it back and gave them the tracking number.” Faith says it took four or five months before she convinced an AT&T employee to enter the tracking information, which showed the box delivered to an AT&T facility in Laredo.

Finally, AT&T agreed to drop the fee — the interest charges remained on the bill. When the Johnsons refused to pay the interest, AT&T cut off service and told the couple to ship back the box.

“We have been married for 60 years and we have never had a serious argument, but over this TV we had,” said Faith. “He didn’t want to send it back. He said he wanted to throw it in the trash.”

They mailed back the box and didn’t hear anything else, but the Johnsons worried that the unpaid interest charges would affect their credit.

Days after Consumer Justice contacted AT&T, the company erased the charge and sent CBS11 this statement:

“We have refunded the customer’s account and apologize for the frustration caused by this billing error.”

Good news for the Johnsons, who are now using an antenna to watch television.