VANCOUVER, Canada (CBSDFW.COM) – When it comes to different variations of bottled water, one thing they have in common, is the idea they’re healthy.

Well, here’s another one that was said to be healthy.  Turns out it was just a joke.

During a festival in Vancouver last weekend, among the vendors selling food, drinks, and crafts was one selling “hot dog water.”

A man wearing a full-body hot dog costume spent the day selling bottled hot dog water — water used to boil hot dogs — at $37.99 Canadian dollars per bottle, or $28.57 U.S dollars.

He marketed the product as a gluten-free, sodium-rich drink that can help people boost electrolytes, lose weight and look younger.

Hot dog water does not promise to give you buns of steel.

But this was just an elaborate stunt. The vendor called it performance art.

He said it’s meant to get people to read the label and think about how the health products they buy are marketed.

awater Bottled Hot Dog Water: It Was A Joke

hot dog water (Global TV)