DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Two state agencies are investigating a large spill that sent one million gallons of raw sewage into White Rock Creek in far North Dallas.

Late Friday afternoon, the North Texas Municipal Water District said the spill is contained to a one mile stretch of the creek and has not traveled past Frankford Road, which is about ten miles north of White Rock Lake.

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The water district said officials believe the sewage will not make its way down to the lake unless there’s a heavy rain, which is not in the forecast.

The district is now considering how crews will clean up the sewage and is testing water around the spill.

White Rock Lake (CBS11)

But for now, the city of Dallas continues to take precautions and is strongly discouraging people from any recreational activities on the lake.

Frank Richards is disappointed he’ll have to change his plans to go boating this weekend. “I sail every Sunday, so yeah, I’ll miss it.”

Richards said he has sailed the lake every weekend for 35 years, and he knows how popular a spot it is with boaters. “20 to 25 on Saturday and probably 30 to 40 on Sunday.”

Not this weekend.

The city of Dallas is discouraging any recreational activities out here — after one million gallons of raw sewage spilled into White Rock Creek upstream on Wednesday.

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The North Texas Municipal Water District said a private contractor bored into one of the agency’s pipelines in far North Dallas that takes untreated waste water from the city to a treatment plant.

The water district says it is now trying to identify the contractor that’s responsible and the state says the firm may face fines.

The pipeline is now repaired, and while the sewage spill is contained but the city wants to be cautious.

Richards said aside from the weather, there’s only one other time he couldn’t sail here.

“When they dredged it back in ’88, it was too shallow to sail in.”

A Texas Parks and Wildlife Department biologist is still counting fish killed.

If anyone sees dead fish or anything unusual, they’re asked to call 311.

But Friday, the only thing Richards could focus on was loading the boat’s sails into his suv, and he worries how long it will be this way. “I think it’s a problem.”

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White Rock Lake is not a drinking water source and the water district says no drinking water supplies have been affected by the spill at all.