ALBERTA, Canada (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman in Alberta, Canada learned why hiding in the ceiling doesn’t always work. Surveillance video shows the 29-year-old falling through the ceiling of a convenience store while trying to run from police.

CTV in Canada reports the owner of Reddi-Mart said he called police when the 29-year-old woman, identified as Brittany Burke, and a man she was with, 28-year-old Richard Pariseau, tried to use a stolen credit card.

When an officer arrived, the two tried running away. The store owner could be seen trying to hold Pariseau as long as he could so he couldn’t escape. When Pariseau ran off, the officer followed him.

While the officer chased Pariseau, Burke climbed up into the ceiling — but came crashing down soon after.

CTV reports Pariseau faces eleven charges, including resisting arrest and using a stolen credit card while Burke faces three charges including obstructing an officer and mischief under $5,000.