DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As we celebrate the Fourth of July this week, one man is making an impact in all 50 states.

He’s on a cross country journey to do a simple good deed, and Rodney Smith, Jr. already left a positive impression on one North Texas veteran.

“It’s a blessing. It makes it a little easier,” says Emmett Pryor, who watched Rodney Smith, Jr. mow his lawn one recent morning in June.

Smith was there to care for the yard the Iraq war veteran can no longer maintain.

“It’s a good deal what he’s doing. I appreciate it I really do,” Pryor says.

From Bermuda to St. Augustine, any kind of condition: for Smith, the grass is always green.

“I’m driving to 48 states and flying to Alaska and Hawaii,” Smith says.

He left home in Alabama, loaded up with equipment to mow the lawns of people in need in all 50 states. The idea, he says, was borne in an instant.

“It happened the day when I came across an elderly man outside mowing his lawn, and it looked like he was struggling so I pulled over and helped him out. That night I decided to mow free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single mothers, and veterans,” Smith explains.

With each stop, word of his generosity grows. New friends, donations, and new volunteers fuel him along the way.

“I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing and inspires more people,” Pryor says, thanking Smith and shaking his hand.

On a mission as broad as the terrain he’ll cover: Smith cuts it down to six simple words:

“Love thy neighbor, help they neighbor.”

Rodney continues:

“If you see someone in need just stop and help them out.”

Today, Rodney is on the road to Boise, Idaho. Part of his goal is to get young people involved in mowing the lawns of those in need.