MIAMI (CBSDFW.COM) – An absolutely adorable video has been making hearts melt online. It shows a chimpanzee being reunited with his former caregivers.

Limbani the chimp was born with pneumonia and rejected by his mother, according to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami. According to the group, “without human intervention and modern medicine, he wouldn’t been here today.” And that is where Jorge and Tania stepped in to help.

The human couple helped to raise Limbani.

In the emotional video, the chimpanzee can be seen jumping with excitement and yelling with joy upon spotting his former caregivers. Limbani then climbs into Jorge’s arms and gives him a big hug, before the animal is passed to Tania for another long hug.

The video was recorded by the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

Jorge and Tania noted that they can be away from Limbani for a few months at a time, but the little chimpanzee’s reaction is always the same when they are reunited.