DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The latest transportation trend — electric scooters — in Dallas has some police officers and city leaders concerned.

Pay-as-you ride electric scooters are hitting the streets all over uptown and downtown but a number of them were already recently seen in places they aren’t supposed to end up.

It has one council member angry, saying the city acted too fast and should have created more bike lanes and safe areas for riders.

“For me it’s safety,” said Dallas City Council Member Adam McCough. “I believe somebody’s going to get hurt and it’s because we haven’t had the right level of really thinking through everything that’s going to change.”

Safety concerns about the scooters aren’t the only thing drawing the ire of the community either, but it’s the main issue. The problem with the scooters some city leaders and Dallas Police have is knowing where people can safely and legally ride them.

CBS 11 News reporter JD Miles found one, for example, docked in an area where it’s illegal to ride on the street or sidewalks around it.

Ever since the City of Dallas approved the addition of electric scooters to the growing bike share family, scores of them are being spotted all over the city from the streets of downtown to the Katy Trail.

It’s illegal to ride the scooters on sidewalks and paved trails in Dallas.

But videos like one showing a rider illegally heading down a freeway service road have alarmed those worried that the city did not develop a safety plan before hundreds were placed around the city. CBS 11 News shot video of riders doing just that everywhere and posing a threat to pedestrians.

Dallas Police bike officers said they are ordering scooters off the Katy Trail but can’t issue citations since there aren’t any posted signs.