IRVING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The Irving Police Department released a body camera recording from a veteran officer, in hopes the images will lead drivers to use caution and safety when driving near police traffic stops.  The video is a recording from officer Sam Hall’s body camera.

On July 3, Hall pulled a driver over for speeding along Highway 114, west of the President George Bush Turnpike.  While wrapping up the warning Hall issued to the driver, the video documents a highway driver braking to avoid rear ending a car.

screen shot 2018 07 11 at 6 37 30 pm Irving Police Release Dramatic Body Cam Video Of Officer Motorcycle Struck

officer motorcycle struck (Irving Police Dept.)

However, the driver veers directly toward Hall.

The 10-year Irving officer jumped over a highway guardrail to avoid being hit by the car.  As Hall turned back to the scene, the camera showed the crumpled motorcycle.

“I saw the car, but it didn’t become real until I heard the brakes and saw the smoke,” Hall recounted Wednesday.

The officer said he knows he would’ve been seriously injured, if not killed with an impact of that magnitude.  

Hall, along with IPD, is asking motorists to remember to merge away and slow their speed when approaching police traffic stops.  

There have been at least three incidents involving motorists crashing into Irving officers’ completing traffic stops since 2015.  

The body cam video from Hall shows an apologetic driver, and the officer checking on all parties involved.

“I’m very fortunate to have gotten out of the way. Very fortunate to be talking with you all right now,” Hall said.

  1. i bet that driver was weaving in and out of traffic before that and was going from a left lane to the shoulder to pass cars. seems like a sideshow mentality driver who’s going to use any opening to get to where theyre going even if its not a lane and has a dont care attitude. unfortunately there was a cop im assuming writing a ticket in his way. at least the driver hit the brakes. peoples attitude these days is out of control.

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