SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – In an effort to assure the public Southlake Police is always there for them, no matter the weather conditions, officers had a little fun with a public service announcement.

Well, most of them did.

The video shows police officers in front of a screen with special effects one at a time showing different types of weather.  “In the snow,” said one officer.  “In the hail,” said another. “In the wind,” a third.

But the officer chosen to say, “In the rain,” did not get to do it with a green screen behind him.

Sergeant Jonathan Macheca was outside with a fire engine spraying water all over him.  And the person behind the camera had him say his simple line over and over again!

Sergeant Jonathan Macheca “in the rain” (Southlake DPS)

Soutlhake Police tweeted out the video with the summary, “Umm, we may have used some SUPER SPECIAL EFFECTS in this sweet PSA. When you call for us, we show up, no matter the weather or temperature! WEATHER you need us or not, the Southlake Police Department is here for you!”